bike style

into winter

This has been my most challenging trip ever. Moreover this was a trip in which I felt dearly connected to Mother Nature and the silence of the winter. Unlike my first winter trip in 2005, this time I was mostly camping in the wild, 2 out of 3 nights. This one I did in 2009 and I followed a mix of routes made by Paul Benjaminse and the Europafietsers. Click here for comments and social media sharing.

Baltics in spring

I wanted to visit friends in Finland. So I took a train to Warsaw and cycled though east Poland and the Baltic States to Helsinki. I loved the soft energy of the people, the not so modern society and towns as well as the great places where I had been camping in the wild. If not on small tracks, cycling might be monotonous. Make sure your tires are wide, since the lovely dirt tracks may be bumpy or sandy. Click […]

from Ljubljana to Tirana

A trip from Ljubljana to Tirana, through Bosnia, one of my greatest trips in summer. I’ve made a GPS track of it. I give some more info on that website. The trip ends in Albania, the country that I am in love with. Balkan people are quite friendly, their food is good tasting and the scenery is sometimes stunning. It can be hot in summer. Click here for comments and social media sharing.

NL – Paris in autumn

In 2011 I made a trip to Paris, once more following the route of Paul Benjaminse. Maybe the most beautiful section of the route was the Thiérache region, with the characteristic fortified churches. Also I came across the church in Jeantes, in which the Dutch artist Charles Eyck did both the murals and the leadlights. In Paris I went to the Musée d’Orsay. I was lucky with the weather – never a lot of rain or wind. There was stunning beauty of both low […]