Balkan updates

Motovun in de nazomer Deze pagina wordt voortdurend aangepast. Kijk voor je gaat fietsen naar de laatste stand van zaken. Bijgewerkt tot 1 januari 2021. Nieuwe kaartjes zijn beschikbaar, te weten de tweede helft van Montenegro. Albanië wordt aan gewerkt. Er is een prachtige reisgids uit van Albanië, geschreven door Yvonne van Osch. Als liefhebber van het land ben ik onder de indruk van hoe veel verder ze het land voor me heeft kunnen ontsluiten. In Istrië heb ik een […]

Balkan coast cycle route

between Dubrovnik and Montenegro [Dutch version here] I have composed a 1200 km bike friendly cycle route from Trieste / Italy to Igumenitsa / Greece. A printed guide – for now only in Dutch – is published by Cycling Europe. A slightly tweaked version of the Ćiro route, a former railway between Dubrovnik and Mostar, is included. GPS tracks are to be found here. This route connects to several routes of Cycling Europe including a round trip through Greece, as […]

Balkan kust route

tussen Dubrovnik en Montenegro [English version here] Voor wie verder wil dan de bekende fietslanden, en daarbij klimpartijtjes niet schuwt, heb ik een fietsvriendelijke route door de Westelijke Balkan gemaakt, met prachtige land- en zeeschappen, een rijke historie en een met een exotisch-Europese sfeer. De volledige route is zo’n 1200 kilometer en erin opgenomen is de Ćiro, een voormalige spoorverbinding tussen Mostar en Dubrovnik. De route wil de vaak sprookjesachtig mooie regio voor een groter publiek ontsluiten. De gedrukte gids […]

Book in production

The route and book have a final name now: Balkan coast cycle route. Some more fieldwork in November last year – adding some route options – made it to a worthy product of Benjaminse Publishing: beautiful and bike friendly, avoiding the Jadranska Magistrale most of the time. It is planned to be available from June 2019. Below you find clickable images, taken from a promotional folder. De fietsroute heeft nu een definitive naam: Balkan kust route. Meer veldwerk afgelopen november […]

Tinana round trip south

If you want to explore the outskirts of Tirana, this is a convenient way to do so. Most of this track (click here to download gpx file) is on paved roads, and if not, the gravel roads are of a good quality.  Only the very western section is a bit more challenging and you may need to walk for some hunders of meters. Less than a kilometer will be on a two lane road, but it is spacious and cars […]

Dalmatian cycle route

A dear dream comes to reality: I can make a route in my beloved Western Balkan. My friend Paul Benjaminse said to me: “If you do the route, I’ll do the book.” Here is the plan in more detail. I know the area well, but I am specifically inviting people to help building the project. That is because I have unresolved sections and I am open to ideas of people for better options or variations. If you are interested, please do subscribe […]

Volunteering in Montenegro: clearing old pathways

In 2017 I participated in a ten days volunteer camp. Some twenty people, mostly from ex-Yugoslavia, helped to keep the old trails accessible. Montenegro has an upcoming hiking tourism and I was happy to support that. The atmosphere in the group was vibrant and inspiring. This year it will be from 6th till 15th of May. Check Springcamp.me for details (site is a bit slow).   spring in Montenegro   hiking on old trails

3 days bike trip north of Tirana

In 2017 I did a trip with my dear friend Ilir Hysa, who has been running the Tirana Backpackers Hostel already for many years. We decided to do a short bike trip together. A bit north of Tirana we found this beautiful route. DICLAIMER: we never did day three, from Klos back to Tirana, which seem to be quite difficult. Instead we continued to Burrel (great downhill) and took a mini bus from there back to Tirana. You can download […]

Ode to Albania

put on the sound This panorama was shot in the valley parallel to the south coast, in the valley of Kuç, called Lumi i Vlorës and also Mesaplik. In the summer season, the coastal area attracts hundred thousands of tourists, whereas if you hop over to the next valley, there is not even a handful of them. However, the old road from Vlora to the coast, leading through that valley, will be renewed and become the new main connection, ready […]

2005: my very first winter trip

It was a crazy old idea to once do a winter trip. In 2005 I had a wonderful travel destination across the Alps: my girlfriend in Zagreb. I went off, being hosted by many Couch-surfers. Click here for comments and social media sharing.