Balkan coast cycle route

between Dubrovnik and Montenegro

[Dutch version here] I have composed a 1200 km bike friendly cycle route from Trieste / Italy to Igumenitsa / Greece. A printed guide – for now only in Dutch – is published by Cycling Europe. A slightly tweaked version of the ─ćiro route, a former railway between Dubrovnik and Mostar, is included. GPS tracks are to be found here.

This route connects to several routes of Cycling Europe including a round trip through Greece, as well as a route right through the Balkans and a route from Rome to Bari and Brindisi, from where ferries connect to my route.


There are two challenges concerning cycling in the Western Balkans. The coast area has – especially in the summer season – very busy traffic. Plus: the more southern one goes, the more unknown the area becomes. My effort was to deal with both issues. Only a few sections are still busy, but the vast majority is really a joy to experience. The scenery is stunning each day, food is great and culture is to be found lusciously. Montenegro and Albania – against all odds – excel in how friendly the local people are. Especially the sections I have chosen away from the coast are pretty much untouched by tourism, resulting in an almost un-European experience.

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Below you can click on the images for more information, as well as find the GPS tracks.



PDF with info on the route

some pages

in the style of Cycling Europe


along the route


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(photo: main square in Tirana)

gps tracks

overview of the tracks


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