about me

Hi, I am a cycloholic.

Erik van den Boom is my name. I am a photographer. I love cycling, nature and camping in the wild. All of that together is celebrating on the travel section.

But also I like the actual thing a lot: bikes can touch me deeply, how they look, how they seem to have a life and how they serve in everyday life.

My deep love for the Western Balkans, as well as my eagerness to find quiet, scenic roads, resulted in a printed book, published by the largest bicycle guide company in the Netherlands.

I became a member of a Dutch club for bike travelers de Wereldfietser and I am quite active in it. F.e. I am a member of the editorial staff of the club magazine. I love doing lectures on my travels.

I worked for Bike Dreams, a small company organizing challenging bike trips all over the world. I could excel in two other qualities: being of service for people and cooking.

Email: info@bikelike.nl

My general photo website is fotoboom.nl.

Not my focus anymore, but still cherished: wedding photography.